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AdelWiggins Group designs, manufactures and sells an extensive line of high-quality, custom designed products, primarily aerospace-related fluid line components such as flexible connectors, quick disconnects, clamps, heaters & hoses, and refueling systems. The company's technical expertise, responsiveness, and ability to move quickly through the prototype and certification process have established it as a leader in its markets.  

AdelWiggins has long been recognized as the leader in design and manufacturing of tube connectors for commercial and military aircraft fuel systems.

AdelWiggins provides special connectors to serve high performance applications.

AdelWiggins Panel and Floor heaters provide personal comfort heating in the cockpit and cabin as well as warming cargo areas.

Adel clamps provide line support and vibration dampening throughout the airframe.

Orkal provides exclusive sales representation, stocking and logistics services for AdelWiggins Group products. This combination of product technical expertise, stocking and logistics expertise provides the ultimate supply chain benefits for the Customer and Manufacturer. Orkal has been providing technical sales, stocking and logistic support for over 20 years for AdelWiggins Group. We have the closest link to the factory from every standpoint, including quality, sales, engineering and product support. No-one is better qualified than Orkal to provide marketing, technical services , stocking and logistics support.

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