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Based on our relationships with key manufacturers and our ability to hold long term inventory Orkal can fix pricing for long-term contracts for our customers. This offers the advantage of established pricing that the customer can rely on combined with stock availability of all contracts on demand, when and as needed. Long term contracts can be set forth based on firm requirements, forecasts or by ship set and build rates. Our flexibility combined with our ability to establish long term pricing allows our Customers the freedom to think long term without worrying about fluctuation in lead-time or supply.

LTA/Blanket Structure

Guaranteed Stock per LTA requirements monitored by ORKAL system
Eliminate stock outs based on demand fluctuations
Procurement efficiencies based on spend scale for fittings
No min. purchase required for parts ORKAL regularly stocks
No penalty for over- or underestimating yearly consumption of parts ORKAL regularly stocks
pull in/push out deliveries as needed. We deliver the quantity you need when you need it.

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