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Orkal provides logistic support services to aircraft, aerospace, OEM’s, government and ordnance companies in the United States and internationally since 1976.  Our largest purelogistics contract originated with Airbus for their United States radar equipment supply contracts. We were selected from a field of many based on our competitive offerings and experience. With every year under contract our statement of work is growing based on our dedicated service and support for this supply chain format.

Logistics Features

Export/import logistics support
Ensure customs clearance, where applicable, thru a 3rd party
Track shipments from shipper to end customer
Visual Inspect of parts and their housing
Package, label and ship according to MIL-STD and Commercial PHS&T requirements
Provide and apply IUID (Item Unique Identification) Label and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Label when required
Label and repackage electro static items utilizing ESD setup
Customize kit packages for specific labeling requirements and needs
Consolidate shipments to reduce customer’s costs Format Source

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